Cory Wong of Vulfpeck in Belgrade for the first time!

One of the most successful contemporary rhythm guitarists, the “Vulfpeck” member, Cory Wong, will perform in Belgrade for the first time on November 7th at the famous Bitefartcafe club at a regional concert series, Musicology Barcaffe Sessions.

Cory Wong was born in New York, but he grew up in Minnesota, where he started out playing in jazz clubs and producing, before joining the sensational funk band “Vulfpeck” around 2015.
This guitarist is known for his improvisational skills, as well as his happy spirit that is always present during his performances. His flexible right wrist has conquered the audiences. Always being an optimist with a giant smile on his face, he says that his goal is a lot bigger than people just saying he plays well.

When he was 16 years old, Wong had a massive injury resulting in a loss of sensation in his right arm, accompanied by some bad prognosis by his doctors. In time, he learned to surpass all the difficulties becoming one of the most respected guitar players, songwriters and producers nowadays, with an album (not accidentally) called “The Optimist” that happened to be on Billboard’s top 20 jazz albums last year.

Under the influence of Prince, Jackson, “Earth, Wind and Fire”, but also, Metheny, Scofield and Frisell, he created a unique style of communicating with the audience, being gentle and melodic at the same time, while giving in to authentic and raw funk when he feels that it’s right.

By combining electric and acoustic playing skills, he creates an authentic style and groove, gaining the respect of some of the most esteemed contemporary colleague musicians and jammers.

Cory Wong’s performance at Musicology Barcaffe Sessions will be his first concert in this region as well.

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