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Musicology Barcaffè Sessions – concerts we deserve

Musicology Barcaffè Sessions is a unique music festival concept that brings some of the most virtuous world-recognized jazz, funk, blues, R’n’B, world music and soul musicians to the region.

What makes Musicology Barcaffè Sessions different?

Musicology Barcaffè Sessions is a new festival experience concept that lasts for 10 months instead of lasting for only a few days. This gives the audience a chance to enjoy performances of their favorite world-recognized jazz, blues, funk, R’n’B, world music and soul musicians in their own country, in Belgrade. With Musicology Barcaffè Sessions, Belgrade has finally gained initiative to bring world-famous musicians playing in highly appreciated genres that represent quality. As the festival’s general partner, Barcaffè will continue helping and supporting the culture development, not only in Serbia but in the whole region as well.

 What kind of concept lies behind Kakav je koncept Musicology Barcaffè Sessions?

Musicology Barcaffè Sessions consists of two aspects: concerts and education.


Concert visitors have a chance to enjoy intimate club performances of world-known jazz, blues, funk, R’n’B and pop stars, that are usually performing in big venues.

This way, the connection between the audience and the performer, that got lost in big halls and festivals, is maintained in this intimate setting, giving fans something they weren’t able to experience in the region before.

The very successful first concert series season, marked by sold-out shows and virtuous concerts, as well as the intimate atmosphere in which the audience members got to meet and talk to performers after the shows, had a great response in Serbia and the whole region as well. These reactions led to the concert series expanding to Ljubljana 2 years ago, and Zagreb last year.

Providing a specific concert experience, Musicology Barcaffè Sessions was created for the purpose of enjoying music.

It’s not a large festival with many visitors, but a musical enjoyment happening in smaller concert venues, with approximately 500 to 1000 visitors, giving people a feeling that they could almost touch their favorite performer.

This concept allows us to put the focus back on the music itself, instead of only focusing on the show and visual effects.


The educational concept consist of workshops for young musicians that are led by our performers.

Since young artists in our region mainly obtain their formal music education abroad,  our main goal is to give them a possibility  to learn from some of the most successful contemporary musicians, such as Robert Glasper and Angie Stone, through these workshops, in their own country.

Besides the audience having a chance to listen to performers that are hardly ever in their country, and in the region as well, we give musicians and young people willing  to enhance their education, a chance to engage in interactive music workshops. The first workshop was held by the multi-Grammy award winner, Robert Glasper, on November 23rd, 2017, while Angie Stone held a class on July 2nd, motivating young musicians to engage in their author’s work.

The idea is to inspire young people’s creative thinking and give them a chance to hear something new and different in their own country, and possibly lead  them in the direction of creating something that surpasses the music mold in our country, throughout their own engagement and research.

With that, Musicology Barcaffè Sessions becomes a sort of a music school with the goal of bringing a new kind of quality to our country.

PROGRAM 2019/20


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