American funk bassist, singer, and songwriter, Nik West, will perform on November 2nd as part of the Musicology Sessions concert series.

Nik West is a talented bassist and a 21st-century virtuoso, known for her musical creativity and stage presence. She’s easily recognizable by her distinctive “mohawk” hairstyle, symbolically shaped like a bass clef. With a biography that includes collaborations with Quincy Jones, Prince, John Mayer, Macy Gray, and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, among many others, Nik West is much more than just a pretty face.

Her fellow musicians, critics, and audiences consider her one of the prominent figures in the new funk scene and the heir to the legendary Prince, with whom she was associated in the past.

Renowned music journalist Alex Henderson described this talented bassist in Billboard magazine as one of the rare 21st-century artists who possess both musical ideas and virtuosity and have a deep understanding of their instrument.

During an interview for Guestlist, when asked, “What would you do to make the world a better place?” Nik West responded, “I think I’m already doing it. Just by being myself, creating pure and enjoyable music, performing live, and providing others with an experience and inspiration. Changing the world starts with each person contributing their part.”

Furthermore, Nik West has initiated the “Queens of Strings” campaign, aimed at discovering talented girls and supporting their musical education.

Her talent has captured the attention of Steven Tyler and Lenny Kravitz, both of whom have praised Nik West as one of their favorite young artists and stage personalities. “I felt the energy of that girl the first time I was in the same room with her – I knew she was something special,” said Tyler.

Her photos have graced the covers of Bass Musician Magazine, Bass Player, Bass Quarterly (Germany), and Bass Magazine (Japan). She was one of the first musicians to play the first six-string Fender bass and became the face of their new line of bass guitars, the “Dimension Bass” (in which she was involved in the development), as well as the SWR “Black Beauty” bass amplifier. The photograph promoting this product was personally chosen by Markus Miller.

Date: November 2nd Club doors open at 8:30 PM Concert starts at 10 PM


Information and reservations: +381 63 594 294