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Musicology Sessions

The concerts we deserve

Musicology Sessions – the concerts we deserve

Musicology Sessions is a unique concept of the music festival. This concert series brings some of the most virtuoso world-renowned musicians of jazz, funk, blues, soul, world music and r’n’b directions to Serbia.

Why is Musicology different?

Musicology Sessions is a different concept of the festival experience,, promoting smaller concerts for up to 1500 persons. Instead of a few days, Musicology lasts 12 months. In that way, the audience once or possibly twice a month gets the opportunity to enjoy the performances of world jazz, blues, funk, r’n’b, world music and soul music virtuosos in their city, country, in Belgrade, Serbia. With the help of the organization Musicology Sessions, Belgrade finally got the initiative to bring world-renowned musicians from genres that represent quality and enjoy great respect. 

What is the concept of Musicology sessions concert series?

MusicologySessions consists of 2 parts – concert and educational.

Concert aspect

Concert visitors have the opportunity to enjoy intimate club performances by
the world’s great jazz, blues, funk, r’n’b and pop stars, who usually perform in larger venues.

In this way, that intimate moment, the contact between the performers and the audience that has been lost in the big halls and festivals, is kept. The fans of quality sound are offered something that they have not been able to experience in the region so far. The extremely successful first year of the 2016-2017 concert series, which was marked by sold-out virtuoso concerts, a special, intimate atmosphere, as well as socializing of the artists and their fans after the concert, made a big impact in Serbia and the region. Such reactions have contributed to Musicology Sessions expanding to Slovenia in the second season, and from 2017 to Zagreb.

Musicology Sessions is designed as a special kind of music enjoyment and the concert experience itself. It is not a festival with mass attendance, but an intimate experience between music lovers and music artists. The key are smaller club concerts of 500 to 1000 people, where you can almost touch your favorite artist.

Educational aspect

The concept of the festival includes an educational aspect by organizing quality educational workshops led by guest musicians, and are intended for young musicians from Serbia. They usually seek formal music education outside the borders of our country. The goal of these workshops is to enable musicians to get knowledge as well as experience in their own country, from some of the most respected musicians at the moment, such as Robert Glasper and Angie Stone and others.

In addition to the audience having the opportunity to hear performers that are difficult to hear in the country and the region, musicians and young people who want to practice music within Musicology have the opportunity to attend creative and interactive music workshops. The first workshop, led by the greatest jazz star of today and multiple winners of the highest recognition in music – Grammy Awards, Robert Glasper, was held on November 23, while the world r’n’b diva, Angie Stone, gave a lecture motivating musicians to engage in authorial work, on July 2, followed by Corry Wong in 2019.

The idea is to awaken creative thought in young people and provide an opportunity to hear and learn something new and different in their own country, as well as to create something that goes beyond the framework and mold of music from our region through their own engagement and unrestrained research.

Musicology Sessions is a kind of music school with the goal of bringing young people something completely new, high quality and meaningful, preventing the brain drain in the music industry. 

Season 2023/24


FINAL CONCERT Musicology Showcase By LENOVO