Portuguese singer-songwriter MARO, whose name has won hearts worldwide, is making her debut in our capital on April 25th as part of the Musicology Sessions concert series. This talented vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and lyricist from Lisbon brings us an unforgettable experience of sound and emotion. She graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2017, embarking on a journey from her debut in 2018 when she released an incredible 5 albums and an EP. In 2022, she secured victory at the Festival da Canção, propelling her onto the Eurovision stage with the song “Saudade, saudade,” earning her country a spot in the top 10. MARO participated in the “DJESSE World Tour” with Jacob Collier in 2019, and throughout her career, she opened for artists such as Jessie J, Charlotte Cardin, and ¿Téo?. She also achieved sold-out concerts in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA. In 2020, the “ITSAME, MARO!” project was born, dedicated to promoting long-distance collaborations. The series includes 100 episodes with artists from various musical genres, such as Eric Clapton, Lennon Stella, The Paper Kites, Pablo Alborán, Lizzy McAlpine, Madison Cunningham, ANAVITÓRIA, Ivan Lins, Vitor Kley, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Maria Gadú, Mayra Andrade, Rui Veloso, Lionel Loueke, and many others. Her 2022 album “can you see me?” showcases another side of her, with influences from pop, trap, and folk. In Belgrade, she brings an intimate atmosphere with a guitar trio and her latest release, “hortelã.”